Equip yourself with Feng Shui weapons

Your Feng Shui weapons

  • To defend yourself from “attacks”. Attacks can be from a 小人, a sabotage from another fengshui practitioners, black magicians, etc.
  • To enhance your luck – enhancing your career luck, business luck, windfall luck, love life, health, etc.
  • These weapons can be hidden so that others would not be able to tell at surface that you are very into fengshui :-D

This website is being set up to finance ccfong.com financially from the proceeds of ornaments so that he can continue to share more and more stories. Once again, I thank you all for all your support. ccfong.com and Fong Chun Cheong appreciate your support very much!

To buy items, you may email to sales@ccfong.com. Apologies for the old method as the paypal shopping cart hasn’t been up yet. Apologies.

Enjoy your shopping for Feng Shui accessories.

More accessories are on the way to fengshuiweapons.com

At the moment, there are 2 items

  1. Bull Run
  2. 关刀
  3. Rooster (琉璃)
  4. Good Business Amulet
  5. Traveling Horse (琉璃)
  6. Mandarin Ducks
  7. Education Amulet
  8. Diamond Gold Ingot
  9. Windfall Amulet
  10. Protection Amulet – 钟馗
  11. Golden Money Tree – 摇钱树
  12. 5 elements ingots
  13. Monkey King – 齐天大圣
  14. Man Cup 满杯
  15. Cai Shen 财神
  16. “Guarding” Guan Gong 关公
  17. Golden rice bowl – keychain
  18. Peacock with opened feathers
  19. Horse brings Gold to you
  20. The Peacock Stance - Attraction
  21. Apple Tree – All 5 elements Healthy
  22. Wealth Bowl – Double Fish Bowl
  23. Jade – About
  24. Jade – Jade peanuts
  25. Jade – laughing Buddha
  26. Liu Hai 刘海戏金蟾
  27. Hang Hu Lu in the Car: Road Safety Protection
  28. Black Pebble Amulets 黑卵石
  29. Dragon Phoenix Jade – For smooth everything
  30. Yellow Jade Pi Xius
  31. Jade Pendent 福 Amulet – For travel Safety
  32. Double Dragon Jade
  33. Fighting Guang Gong
  34. Ji Gong Jade Statue
  35. Cute Cute Liu Li Laughing Buddha
  36. All Must Go….. Liu Li ornaments
  37. Guan Sword Stance – to protect premise
  38. Liu Li Peach Blossom 寿桃 – Health
  39. Liu Li Medicine Buddha
  40. 龙头大哥 Black Jade ring
  41. Liu Li 鸳鸯
  42. Purple Liu Li Manjusri 文殊菩萨 – For wisdom
  43. Liu Li Guan Yin 观音
  44. Liu Li 无量寿佛 statue
  45. Raw Jade – Windfall Place
  46. Man made crystal diamonds – Big
  47. Man made crystal diamonds – Small


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