Long Time no see again….

Below are weapons available for sale… At this junction, still figuring out how to do the website…. Things u wanna buy – please message or contact me and then I hand deliver to you all… For amount more than $60…

Huat Huat bracelets at S$68 each…
Wear it and feel the Huat Huat Boost in your life, health, love life, wealth, etc.
Jade double pixiu on donut at $38…
Carry this in your bag = money money luck luck attract in
Standing Jade Pixiu @ S$38..
Place it on your work desk area to attract smooth smooth luck and hoot away bad luck and whack off the small people….
Huat Huat Hanging Cabbage @ S$18
Hang the 8 cabbage up and Huat all the way!!!!!
Protection Yellow Pixiu @ S$88
Place them on the front door / window to protect from bad luck and then hor, to attract all the good luck from outside into your premise. Confirm HUAT!!!!

AND MANY MORE on the way………

At the moment, I trying to hoot the website nicer and more user friendly… now still exploring…..

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