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Black Obsidian Tear


Special Limited Offer: This Hei Yao Shi – Black Obsidian Tear is like a drop of lubricant to Huat Huat your windfall luck!!!! Where can you put this? In your windfall corner, cashier, safe deposit box, hang in your car, window, etc to increase all your wealth inflow be it directly or indirectly!!!! Same as [...]


A very powerful ornament that can be carried along to (1) the rhino – to fend off small negative people and negative things and (2) the elephant – to gain victory and control in whatever things you do. Can carry in bag or hang in your office.

$38.00 $18.00

Hang this Huat Huat 8 Cabbage and Huat all the Way!!!!!

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Hulu = generally symbolises for health… Pink Hulu = Repair and build up on the relationship luck to have good noblemen and be in a good relationship. People see u like you, car sees u fetch you. Yellow Hulu = Wealth Wealth Stable from work and more wealth with good health. Purple Hulu = Windfall [...]

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Jade Buddha Hand


For protection and safety… Carry along and 平平安安

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Jade Hanging Hulu


Symbolically Cure all sickness and also to prevent from falling sick too! 身体健康 万事如意 Can hang it in your bag or put in your bag….