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5 elements Wealth Egg

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Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth – The 5 elements Wealth Egg.. Place it on your wealth corner of your house, office, etc. so to make it Huat Huat and also you and family do what also will Huat!!!! In other words, in a house where husband does sales (Fire), wife sells insurance (metal), son [...]


Thinking of a gift for Teacher’s Day present? If not for Teacher’s Day present, can be used for your children education and wisdom and smartness, etc. Long long time ago in the biblical story of Adam and Eve hor, the “tree of knowledge” from with Eve makan the forbidden fruit, is normally represented as an [...]

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Black Obsidian Tear


Special Limited Offer: This Hei Yao Shi – Black Obsidian Tear is like a drop of lubricant to Huat Huat your windfall luck!!!! Where can you put this? In your windfall corner, cashier, safe deposit box, hang in your car, window, etc to increase all your wealth inflow be it directly or indirectly!!!! Same as [...]

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Blue Rhino


Fend against thieves, small people etc. And to avoid lousy things happening in the house or office.


Custom made by myself…. How this weapon works: Double Liuli Pixiu = draw in energy, wealth, health, etc. Small Gold ingot = Attracting all kind of wealth. Red Ball = Morale always so high and Energy always there at the peak of health. Laughing Buddha = Always cheerful and laughing when all good energies come [...]


Huat Huat Gold Ingots are boosters to beat the storm during this Covid-19 disasters that slowing down the whole economy. Place them in the wealth and windfall corner to Huat through the storm and not be defeated by this economy downturn. Come in 2 sizes as below. Small Size about one third of my palm [...]

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Huat Huat Pineapple


Ong Lai Ong Lai Put this Ong Lai (Pineapple) on your wealth corner to welcome abundance of wealth luck and Ong Ong Huat Huat ah!!!!! Comes with a secret 4Digits too… hehehehe!!!!

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Hulu = generally symbolises for health… Pink Hulu = Repair and build up on the relationship luck to have good noblemen and be in a good relationship. People see u like you, car sees u fetch you. Yellow Hulu = Wealth Wealth Stable from work and more wealth with good health. Purple Hulu = Windfall [...]


This Liuli Dragon Authority Stamp symbolises power and authority and can be put in office table to gain respect, authority and be in control. Put in the house also boleh to let family members have personal authority in the outside world.

$78.00 $48.88

Dragon Head Tortoise symbolises: Dragon Head = Take in and attract more wealth to you Tortoise shell / body = attract more nobleman to come assist you or to bring good opportunities to you. Best is to put in office table. Huat and many nobleman come to make you Huat more too..

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Liuli Pixiu

$338.00 $228.00

Made from beautiful Liu Li material, This breed of liuli pixiu can place on floor / table facing towards door or window to let the Huat Huat energy to come in. And aesthetically, very beautiful. Huat ah!!!!  


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Liuli Qi Lin

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The powerful omen of good fortune – Qi Lin Qi Lin only associates themselves with the best of the best human, the king of kings, etc and guard their premise and shower them with rich blessings and bring happiness to the people – thats why Chinese associations, clans, banks, etc. would put Qilin in front [...]