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Only for limited time before it is gone… hahaha!!!


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Gift of Love – 七夕节

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Every Year the Lunar calendar the 7th day of 7th month is known as the 七夕节 also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. It is also time for Chinese to celebrate love towards oneself, partner, loved ones, etc. Over here at , we also celebrate this festive season. What ccfong offers in this special [...]

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Jade Donut


Special Feature Symbolicatic meaning is Let money and wealth flow to you… Because I will send by postage and this jade donut (Wealth, money and opportunity) will flow to you. Once received the small Jade Donut, put it in your bag, or safe-deposit box or drawer to symbolise keeping wealth that flows to you. Order [...]

Special Limited Offer

Liuli Peanut 花生


花了就生 Huat ah!!!! Buy this Liuli Peanut and gift them away to friends and relatives to let symbolises your generosity and hence grow grow Huat Huat all the way!!!!! This is a special limited offer – while stock lasts I will send to you by postage…


Special Limited Offer

Miniature liuli Ruyi

$38.88 $9.99

Special Limited Offer comes again…. This round is miniature Ruyi… Same as the Jade Donut – u buy I post them to you. As 7th month Hungry ghost festival is coming to an end, let the Ruyi find its way to your doorstep symbolising respect, authority and prosperity all comes to you so you will [...]